torsdag den 20. januar 2011

Final exam

This is the pictures from my final exam.

A jumpsuit with a bear print, which I made myself.  

A simple t-shirt.
A west with an embroidery on a print of a octopus.

Pants with embroidery at the pockets.

Dress project

This is a dress project I did while I was studying at Teko.
I made a dress with lace top and a simple bottom in black. As a little twist there is small detail with notches at the top. And it's tilted, and come in from each side. When I had finished the dress I thought it was a little too simple, so I made a bloody print on the side of the skirt, which I think gave the dress the oomph that was missing.

Jacket project

This is a jacket project I did while I was studying at Teko. I made a two coloured denim jacket with princess cut, and with front and sleeve out in one piece. Blue denim at the sides, a stripe on the sleeve and a middle path at the hood. There is a hidden pocket on each side, between the two side pieces. Lining is a woolen material, almost like the fur of a sheep.


I started this blog to share my work and to use it as my personal portfolio.

I am a graduate from Teko Center Danmark in Herning as Designteknolog. My passion is different and exciting design, it can be furniture, clothing, graphic design, however I only create clothes myself and of course play with graphic design.

This blog will contain my designs, which go under the name of Rascal, as well as other creative stuff I spend my time on.

Enjoy :)