fredag den 30. december 2011

Makeup purses

This is a great gift for christmas or birthdays. You can make them in any kind of fabric, embellish them with beads, sequins or embroidery yarn.

The pattern of the purse is not with at small pocket on the inside, but I almost always designed it with a small pocket inside.

A birthday gift for my girlfriend.
Made of red denim with sequins formed as a star, acetate lining. No pocket inside

A christmas gift for a girlfriend.
Made of silk from Japan with breads as decoration on the outside. Orange cotton fabric for the inside, with a small pocket inside.

My sister asked me to make a bigger purse for her makeup stuff, and of course in pink :) It's cotton fabric on the in- and outside.

A birthday gift for my girlfriend.
It's cotton fabric on in- and outside, there is a star with beads. No pocket inside.

Made of silk from Japan and blue cotton fabric on the inside. This one is my own and I just love it :)

This was a christmas gift for my cousin Nanna. It's made from flax, and the inside is cotton with a small pocket. She is going to travel and will use it for her personal things.

This one is made for a customer, she was very happy with it.

Mummi made of breads

Hama breads can be a lot of fun making. So I spent a pleasant afternoon with my cousins making this giant Mummi. Great wall decoration


First there was designed one, now there is two of them. A jersey dress with two triangles of shiny fabric in front. One in gray and black, the other all black.

Dress no. 1 Gray and black

Dress no. 2 All in black (Sister's new years eve dress)

Rascal dress and Scarf.