lørdag den 23. november 2013

Makeup purses

This is a great gift for christmas or birthdays. You can make them in any kind of fabric, embellish them with beads, sequins or embroidery yarn.

The pattern of the purse is not with at small pocket on the inside, but I almost always designed it with a small pocket inside.

Japanese cotton fabric with print on the outside and red cotton fabric inside. No pocket. 
For sale: 150 kr.

Graphic cotton fabric outside and yellow cotton fabric inside, with two small pockets. For a customer, she is happy :)

Birthday gift for my friend, cotton fabric inside and out.

Sofie's birthday sweater

My friend Sofie got this sweater for her birthday, maybe she like it. I liked it :) She looks pretty in it.
It's made out of 100% wool.

Summer dress

I was at a festival in Hungary last summer, which was very hot. So this silk dress I made ​​was perfect. Light and airy, a large hood which gave shade to my neck and head.