torsdag den 12. juli 2012


When I went to Teko, me and some fellow students designed a knitted fabric, that we made on a knitting machine. It was a really cool project. I had some fabric left over, from that project, which I finally had made ​​into a blouse. It turned out really nice, it will be nice for winter.

The pocket

Pictures by Mette Haahr

mandag den 9. juli 2012

Summer wool sweaters

Me and my sister was allowed to use some fabric my mom had lying around, I made two nice sweaters out of it. A t-shirt for me and an oversized sweater for my sister. Made from the finest wool.

My sisters sweater

My t-shirt

Pictures by Mette Haahr

Summer shirts

A really good friend of my ordered a shirt with a zipper at the neck. To be sure that the result would turn out good, I tried the pattern by making one for myself first. Here are the two beautiful shirts. They are both made in 100% wool, from my favorite knitting factory in Ry.

My own shirt with zipper at the neck

My friends shirt with zipper at the neck

Pictures by Mette Haahr